Who are we

Dutch Campers is a company based in Lelystad (The Netherlands), our campers are build with over 30 years of experience, Dutch Campers is originated from Lelycampers (which has been bought in 2010 by the current owner).
The great experience that Lelycampers gave the customers has been mixed into a modern and sophisticated company that serves the high end of the market with great quality to value products. All our products are individuality build by the best craftsman that are available who do not a single concession in build quality. We are no mass producers of demountable pickup campers and special campers but focus on special and unique products, unique like our customers who want to stand out of the crowd.

We produce our campers fully in house, the only thing that we don’t do is that spray paint!
Our campers are currently fully made out of polyester sandwich panels without and use of wood in the shell, which is very unique in the market and therefor your camper will have a very much longer lifespan and lower weights compared to our competitors.



(Example of a sandwichpanel made by us)

When you choose for us, be confident we build a very well crafted Dutch quality product fully to your wish!