What kind of camper?


What makes an alcove and semi-integrated motorhome so comfortable and popular? These campers are often manufactured to customer specifications on virtually any type of chassis cab.
Own input and ideas are important to our customers. What you will not find elsewhere can be achieved with Dutch campers.
The structure consists of 40 mm XPS styrofoam polyester sandwich panel, which is nicely framed polyester profiles round. The alcove camper can be made for 2, 4 or 6 people.

We build any brand cars and chassis cabin, the car you can supply yourself or we can do a complete offer in combination with a car of your choice. You can deliver Dutch Campers for example Fiat, Opel, Renault, Volkswagen and Mercedes, but other brands are also among the options.

The alcove bed is extremely comfortable with slatted base for 2 people to sleep in luxury. Besides beautiful furniture there is a pleasant air heating, comfortable toilet / shower facility, a luxury kitchen possible.

This alcove / semi-integral campers are also available hull. They are therefore very popular among do-it-your self. You supply the chassis cab, we build the body and then you continue with the installation of your RV. Much more personal is impossible!